Master of Money Psychology Phil Laut Passed Away

I have some sad news here…

The Master of Money Psychology, best selling author of Money is My Friend, coauthor of Wealth Without a Job and close friend of mine for many years, Philip R. Laut passed away on March 11th, 2010.

I know many of you knew Phil and thought you might like to know.

Phil Laut was a real trooper.  He worked all the way to end even while he was in hospice care.  You may be wondering why in the world would he do that?

Here’s why…

Because, he loved what he did and he was living his Life on Purpose.

Phil affected thousands of lives with his best selling book Money is My Friend.  It was published in 18 different languages and sold over 400,000 copies.  He also affected thousands more lives with our best selling book Wealth Without a Job.

I really don’t know how many lives he affected for sure.  I do know it’s a lot.  I also know he made a significant contribution to all of us.

He loved what he did and he made this world a better place to live.  Helping others earn more money as Entrepreneurs doing work you love is what he was all about.  It gave him joy to see the changes in people’s lives.

It’s sad for me to lose my friend because I will never be able to talk with him as I once did.

I am thankful that he’s in a better place now and he no longer has to suffer.

I know that Phil would want us all to continue seeking work we love and keep pursing our true Purpose in Life.  He would want us to take the lid off our income and become prosperous at what we do.

Phil Laut was a good friend and I will miss him dearly.

If you had a connection with Phil Laut, go ahead and Write a Comment on the Wealth Builders Blog about how he affected your life.  I know when you Write a Comment it will also inspire others and honor Phil and what he did.

I look forward to seeing all the great things you have to say about my friend Phil Laut.


Dr. Andy Fuehl

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Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region
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48 Responses to “Master of Money Psychology Phil Laut Passed Away”

  • I first met Phil at the Riverside church on Riverside Drive in NYC in 1999 for one of his money seminars. We spoke during that time. He was an easy fellow. He listened well. He never pushed anything on me. He was gentle. I really liked him. I never have forgotten him. His presence actually touched me. When I heard that he passed I felt like I lost a good, caring friend – who actually cared for others. He helped others without the thought of thinking what he was going to get from it (out of helping others). He was a giving man. If he was ‘self absorbed’ it certainly was not with himself. It was however, in the purpose of truly helping the other and seeing that s/he was totally satisfied with what they came for.

    I’ve been reading and applying ‘Money is My Friend’ since 1994. I am even reading it today.

    If I had to answer for you in a simple way: “What have I achieved out of the (many) times I read his book?” It would have to be the following: first, I only read the 1978 copyright. I feel this is Phil being Phil w/o the input of others. I was attracted to it and remain so today. I keep it with me. “What has it done for me since,” – one may ask? Well, it has kept me on target in ‘my life’ within life – as a whole. I don’t deviate and I ‘hold my ground’ regarding my finances with my ‘overall’ financial decisions. It sort of puts me on purpose (even today), as I ‘hold my position in space’ when dealing with others financially. I can clearly see when I have more understanding on the topic of money then the average banker or the ‘financial savior.’ I am more comfortable with the subject of money. I have the ability to be with it as a ‘friend.’ I am okay with having it as my friend. I even feel that it (as an energy) feels safe with me as a friend. There have been many years, in the early days when I did not have it (believe me and more than one can possibly imagine). It is not like that today. Not even close. The written words of expression and the affirmations and the exercisers within this book indicate to me very nicely, as me being who I am. Phil wrote this book with the reader in mind. I really do not read any other books on finances and I do not read every chapter in his book. I use to. Today however, I read only the sections that seem real to me and that keep me aligned with my finances within the overall (and at times complicated) system of finances.

    I have found that Phil’s book has the best application(s) for anyone who has the ‘honest’ desire to increase their financial position and be comfortable with it. But also to approach and maintain it with a sense of integrity. I flow my money to others with the hope that they use it productively as I say to them (as I hand it over to them with a smile)”Thank you for taking my Money!” The reply usually is (universally), “thank you for giving it to me!” I am okay with that. I feel good about it. They feel good about it.

    I have a better understanding of the cycle of finances in my economy within the overall economy that I have to adjust for periodically as it gets corrected. If I would have to say: “what is it as a game that I am on top of in my life?” Well, the first thing (of several interest) would have to be that of finances. It comes so easily and naturally for me. I will explain what helped me with this below.

    I have great respect for money. I pick up pennies under my feet when walking, clean them off and put them back into circulation. I feel blessed when I do this. I bring home any and all denominations of the one dollar bills,five’s,ten’s,and twenties (my change that I receive back from a local cashier which is usually all disarrayed and unorganized)and I unfold the creases, tape the tears, clean it off and then let it go back into the world so as to give it more life while it circulates. The universe blesses me for this too. I feel that I am absolutely in communication with my currency flow in a very comfortable way – actually more than I am with people. Someone said to me once in the past that what I do here is a ‘sickness.’ I was taken back a step and then replied “yeah, but it’s a good sickness.” So this is what I get out of reading Phil’s book which I interpret as “The bible of one’s money flows.”

    Okay, now to explain what helped me greatly. Please let me stress one very critical point of importance. It is imperative that you be honest with any flow of your currency – whether giving or taking. It is equally important that you feel comfortable with it – also when giving or taking. What I mean is do ‘good things’ with it. You will see that good things will follow. Here is one little exercise that I found very useful: 1.)pay back all money that you owe to others. Go as far back as you need to, as far back as you can so that you feel good about it. Be honest with yourself when doing this. The results are incredible. The first thought as you consider this may be: “if I do this I won’t have any left to live on.” I have found the opposite to be true. This usually comes from the consideration of how long you had to work to get what you have and now the fear of letting it go as you give it up. To get through this you should ‘acknowledge’ that it is not yours. This may help you in wanting to return it to the owner. As you do this you will be opening up free, clean flows to giving but also receiving. Any considerations of un-comfortness or sticky-ness with the subject of money (after you do this) will dissipate. Believe me. You will begin to feel okay about it. Just do the following: take a clean piece of 8-1/2″ by 14″ legal size paper and start writing down who you think you may owe money to. Just write it down. Also write down how much. The next step is to pay it back!If you can’t find that person then I suggest that you make the honest attempt to look them up. If you can’t pay it all back at one time then make that known to the person(s) and make an effort to pay back what you can until you feel good about what you gave them. Make sure that they too feel good about it. Believe me when I say, it is a win / win for both. When I did this I was as open and honest as ever. I made myself clear to those who I managed to locate. I even included my return address – on some. When I found that there were some who didn’t want it and so returned it, I was surprised at first but it told me that they may not have been so comfortable with my outward flow of them receiving or with the subject of money in general. It would have been easier for them to ‘pass it on’ to one of their unpaid bills :). So from here I had two choices: A.)flow it in another useful direction or B.)knowing that I made an honest attempt of trying to repay, I was okay with keeping it. But I also did something good with it.

    The other suggestion that I have and that I found very useful for me is that when you spend your money, spend it on good things i.e., things that are helpful to society, things that you will not regret later about.

    For those of you who knew Phil as I did, this is what I can share with you and what I learned from applying his techniques in his book: Money is My Friend.

  • Phil would know the truth of what Byron Katie says that “all sadness is a temper tantrum against reality.” He defined immortality for me, better than Leonard Orr did, he said, “Immortality is living as long as you want to, and wanting to as long as you do.”

    I met Phil in May of 1985 at my first rebirther training. It was later changed to Vivation. I notice that Jim Leonard has also died. I hosted Phil for a Money Is My Friend weekend in Dallas in about 1995 or so.

    Live long and prosper.

  • danNo Gravatar:

    thank you Mr. Laut for your vision. i have received great financial peace of mind from reading “money is my Friend” . thank you. dan

  • I am so saddened by Phil’s passing. I knew him well but lost touch with him a number of years ago. I met him when he had just come back from India. He came to my home and did seminars for a number of years on Prosperity. I loved his extremely relaxed attitude as I was a typical type “A” personality. I used to marvel at the way he watched TV. He flipped thru channels constantly which gave me some idea as to how quickly his mind worked. He was a gentle man and an extremely loyal friend. He had a superb sense of humor was a very easy house guest (one that I didn’t mind having around for 7-9 days). He always brightened my life as well as uplifted my spirit but he did that for everyone he met. He was well respected and loved in the Dallas community.

    • Loren! Hi! I didn’t see your post before I put mine up. I met Phil at your house, of course! Thank you for hosting him. Meeting you, Mallorie Tolles and Phil changed my life.

      Stacy (Ann) Clark

      • Stacy:

        How nice to hear from you! Hope this finds you well- I am ever so grateful for Phil’s presence in my life and glad you had the opportunity to meet him. Have you stayed in touch w/Mallory? I do remember you-please email when time permits and let’s “catch up.”

        Many thanks


  • I have just learned that Phil is no longer with us. He is sorely missed. He totally changed my attitudes about money. While I read “Money Is My Friend” several times and attended his seminar in 2001, what really did the trick was two years of personal coaching. My free-lance income tripled, and I have been financially comfortable ever since. He gets to the bottom of our fears around money like no one else. Without those fears, everyone would be prosperous.

  • It’s 45 years since Phil and I graduated from the Harvard Business School. He was one of my best friends there, but I lost touch with him a number of years ago after he left the Boston area. I was very pleased to read all of the tributes to Phil on this site. He was obviously loved and admired by a lot of people from around the world. He has quite a legacy in that regard, and I’m happy for my old friend.

  • A great man and his book is a great contribution to the science of Prosperity.

  • I just learned about Mr. Laut from my friend and mentor Jerry Clark as he had made a recording of an interview with Mr. Laut that I listened to and really enjoyed. I wanted to buy the book everyone speaks about and found out he died about 4 years ago. It saddens me when something like this happens. A remarkable man Mr. Laut was and I thank you for honoring him here. I look forward to reading his book Money is my friend.

  • So sorry to hear of Phil Laut’s passing, I had just re-found my very well used signed copy of Money is my friend, and was re-reading it. When I thought I kind of know what my blockage is and thought I wonder if Mr Laut is contactable on the internet, as I feel there is something I felt was missing and wanted to ask about, and so have sadly just found his obituary of 3 years ago.
    Thankyou Mr Laut for being there in your book. Your humanity shines through and speaks
    personally to us throughout the years. You have been a guiding light, and have put forward such positivity.
    Thankyou for your words.
    Yours sincerely
    Rob Strachan

  • And today, just like a few others of you, I googled Phil\’s name. I\’ve been coaching a friend of mine and took out my well worn copy of Money is my Friend, a wonderful, simple book I acquired in the 1980\’s when I hung out with the rebirthing community in Seattle- Phil, Sondra, Leonard,Jody,Bobby Birdsall,Fred L, wherever you are, bless you– and Phil is just a laugh away, I can feel him. I\’m his pupil again, for sure! Thank you Phil for being so awesome. Your book and your laughter made a huge impact on my life. Suzanne

  • I was reading the book in Spanish (I am from Venezuela), that’s very interesting and inspiring. It is very generous to share your knowledge and experiences with other nowadays that does not happen much. Mr. Laut, thank you very much for writing this book.

  • I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Laut and have enjoyed
    his book tremendously and still read it so I can master this awesome work.
    My sympathies for the loss of your friend.

  • In the late 1970s I was in my late twenties. My job paid little, and I had just a little cash. I was introduced to the book: Money is My Friend. I read it and began thinking about and utilizing what it told me. As the book told me, I began reading high quality materials that helped me learn more. I also formed more concise affirmations. I built a personal financial fortune that has continued increasing I accomplished it easily with only a little, enjoyable, effort. Mostly I thought about my money making money. My fortune continues increasing without very much effort or thinking and my income always exceeds my expenses. I still have the book and review it from time to time. Simply touching the pages of the book conditions my consciousness to attract even more money to me.

  • JahnNo Gravatar:

    I am thankful for Phil and all he has shared with us. It is shocking to hear he has left his physical form that we got to be familiar with. May the vivation joy love bliss continue in his current journey….

  • So sad to hear the news about Phil. I read his book and went to his seminars in New York City and did several training sessions with him. I have a completely different relationship with money than I did before I encountered his work. He was always someone I thought I would enjoy speaking to again. My long delayed condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones.

  • I was moved and saddened by Dr. Fuehl’s remarks on Phil Laut. I had a lot of fun with Phil when he lived in Los Angeles in the 1980s and, although I didn’t feel this at the time, when I thought of him in later years I always hoped he found a way to talk about his Vietnam experiences. Like all of us, he was many things: for me, he was a sweet, kind man. My condolences to his loved ones.

  • Phil Laut was my Vivation (a form of Rebirthing) teacher in ’93 in Udine Italy – It was an intense and wonderful training that greatly improved my life and provided me with so much growth. It is sad to hear of his death – and causes me to continue to live in wonder – what caused his name to
    pop into my mind and ‘google’ his name – the universe is mysterious indeed and all of us here on vacation. Thank you Phil for your input in the lives of so many – I’m sure you are in Paradise

  • Gosh. I was so shocked and saddened when I talked with Andy Silver yesterday and he told me about Phil’s passing. I hadn’t been in touch with Phil much this past year although I thought of him many, many times. Many, many years ago, I found out that Phil was living in Charlotte and since I was

  • I live in Charlotte NC and knew Phil as a friend. I had read Money Is My Friend in the mid-80’s when I was a rebirther and was delighted to discover in the late 1990’s that he lived in my adopted home town. We studied NLP together, enjoyed French food, and talked about ‘real stuff.’ In 1999 I opened my divorce mediation practice and he helped me name my website. He helped me with a corporate consulting contract and we served as sounding board to each other. I hadn’t talked with him for quite awhile and learned yesterday on the Internet that he had passed away. How sad and what a shock for the many people who loved him as I did and valued his friendship. May we all do what we love and help so many people. Thank you Phil.

  • Phil helped me more than any guru. I hope to meet him in the next life :D

  • I worked with Phil back in 2006 for at least 18 months. After meeting him at the Wealth Without a Job seminar in Phoenix, I used Phil as my first ever mentor.

    Phil taught me many things and because of how new i was to business i really learnt a lot from him. He gave me added confidence, was always encouraging and patient with me as i started out.

    The main thing i will always remeber him for though was his ability and success at helping move my focus from wanting to go out drinking to that of a running a succesful business and managing profitable investments. In 1 week i earn’t more in my business than 1 month in my job and it was down to Phil’s teaching and ability to shift my mindset from negative to mega positive!

    Thanks for being a great teacher, mentor & friend. I will always remember what you did for me.

    Steven Brennan

    Scarborough, UK

  • Thanks you thank you thank you Phil for your support and love.
    And thank you Andy for putting this on the net.

    I attended a number of Phil’s workshops in the early 90’s and Phil stayed at my place a couple of times. He was a great inspiration and kind too.

    Love to you all.
    Lorrayn de Peyer – Singer, song writer teacher healer

  • MarkNo Gravatar:

    Phil had a group of people that her certified to Emerging Entrepneur consultin?

    Does anyone know how I can get the contact information for his certified consultants?

  • Oh my gosh!!! I am so sad to hear of Phil’s passing! Phil was a special man that provided SO much wisdom, love, and committment! I cannot even begin to express my gratitude in words. Thank you Phil for all that you gave me!!!

    Rest in peace my dear friend Phil.

    Love always :)

  • I am sad to hear that Phil passed away.

    When I first read his book ‘Money is My Friend’ several years ago, I felt inspired enough to write to him and arrange to meet up with him. This was the first and only time I had ever contacted any author of a book that inspired me!

    I live in Malaysia, so meeting up with him in Charlotte, North Carolina was not an easy matter. In the year 2000, when my wife and I attended my son’s graduation at Purdue University, I arranged with my son to hire a car and we drove through several states in the USA to see Phil Laut at his home in Charlotte.

    Yesterday by coincidence while clearing out a drawer in my desk, I came across a card from Phil thanking me for our visit in May 2000. He also encouraged me to begin writing – ‘doing what I love to do’ – but I had kept postponing doing that. It was only last year that I finally started on a blog called Daily Happy Living.

    I learned a lot from Phil about the Psychology of Money and wrote a review to this effect about his book ‘Money Is My Friend’ on Amazon. He liked it enough to ask for permission to use it when he began his online venture.

    Unfortunately, I had not kept in contact with him for the past few years. So it was a shock to hear about his demise.

    Thank you Phil for all your inspiration and encouragement! You will always remain a blessing to thousands!


  • I attended a seminar with both Andy and Phil in San Francisco (2006) and it was well done and my husband and I received alot of inspiration from it. We are deeply saddened to learn of Phil’s passing…I believe that he made this decision because he knew that he had lived his life on purpose and he had given 150% of help and encouragement to those who needed it. He was a man of principle as well as brilliant ideas. He will be missed and Andy, he needs you to keep the light and bear the torch….the quest for knowledge never dies. Phil was a blessing!

  • Is it not interesting how life works?! I first meet Phil on a conference call with Jeff Combs. Jeff was doing motivational calls for a company called The Tax I made a comment that if he ever came to St Louis I would like to be able to meet him and pick him up at the airport and take him to his hotel. What we speak DOES come into existence! A few years later this in all reality happened. Phil came to St Louis to do a How To Win The Money Game and it was I who picked him up at the airport and drove him to his hotel. It is because of Phil Laut that I meet Andy Fuehl. Part of who the man who Tom Nash is today,is because of the things I learned from Phil & Andy I will be forever grateful for my association and frindship with “The Master of Money” Phil Laut

    Tom Nash


  • KaviNo Gravatar:

    Hi everybody,

    I was a private coaching client of Phil’s for about a year recently because we stretched out our program forever because we liked each other’s company very much. I had read Money is my Friend back around 1986 and been helped by it. This happened at the time that I was studying the breathing method called Rebirthing which Phil and Leonard Orr and Jim and Annie Leonard had pioneered. Although I had already been meditating quite some time this was the first time that I was able to experience the wealth of the inner world through my own opening. About 3 years ago when I wanted to make some changes in my entrepreneurial life I approached Phil to be his coaching client. Ironically in the wake of the recession my business life did not ‘improve’ very much and yet I do not blame Phil for this or anyone else. Sometimes in life there needs to be an illness and a death in order to go onto the next phase and this has to do with a lot more than money but the full experience of life and that which is beyond experience! In our case Phil and I shared a great richness in the consultation and that is worth much more than money…and his transition comes the day before the March 12 passing of my own father from cancer 8 years ago. Anyhow I am felt very sad and touched to hear this news because Phil transcended a wealth in life that is beyond paper notes and now his richness will continue to expand. Love to all the people who understand this message in the spirit in which it is intended, Kavi

  • I am saddened by the passing of Phil Laut. I first met Phil a few years ago doing a one day seminar based on the Wealth Without a Job intensive. What impressed me was his understanding of how people relate to money. That first meeting was instrumental to me starting on the path to examining my beliefs and doing work with Wealth Builders. I am very grateful for Phil’s input and his sharing of his knowledge and gifts. I remember him fondly.

  • JoyNo Gravatar:

    I had purchased Money is My Friend years ago but never read it. I picked it up off my bookshelf last year and found it so readable and valuable. I underlined so many things in and just picked it up again last month to reread. I didn’t know Phil personally but I had read a lot of his stuff and listened to some of his work as well.

    I am sorry our world has lost another great humanitarian. It will always be easy to remember him for he died on the same day as my beautiful cousin LuAnne; on my sister’s birthday.

  • Phil,

    Siempre te llevare en mi corazon. Tus palabras siempre hacian entender todo de una forma mas sencilla, en la cual nunca habia pensado antes. La frase que siempre recordare de ti es: “Y que!”

    I will always keep you in my heart. Your words always made everything look so much easier in a way I was never familiar to. The words I will always remember you saying to me are: “And, so what?”

    I have met Phil through my husband Clint. Since Clint read his book “Money is my Friend,” he became his follower and me as well. We met over the phone, and he recommended I read the Spanish version of his book. I was very excited because after reading “El Dinero es mi Amigo,” I picked up the phone and call Phil and mentioned that I would love to record his book in Spanish so that all the Spanish speaking people would enjoy his audio book. He agreed with me and said: “I think it sounds great. Lets do it.” I remembered hanging up the phone and saying to my husband: “That is it? He liked the idea! He did not think about it twice. I can’t believe I will be recording Phil Laut’s awesome book.” After a few days my husband took me to one of Phil’s New York City conferences. I was very excited to finally meet him and so I took my book with me and he signed it. Clint and Phil were happy to see each other again. He mentioned that this was a synchronicity event and that recording the book in Spanish would be of great value. I was delighted!!!

    Although I have completed the recording, Phil did not have the opportunity to finish his Spanish introductory that he was passionate about adding to the beginning of the audio book.

    I thank you Phil for giving me the opportunity to pass your words and your teachings to all the Spanish speaking community out there who want money to be their Amigo. You taught me that less words, say more.

    En tu recuerdo y con sincera gratitud!


  • I found a copy of Money is my Friend in late January of this year that I had from 1979. I read the book again and became very interested. About a week later in February 2010 on a Saturday morning I was in a Whole foods market reading his book. I had the telephone number to call to sign up to have a consultation and
    get started on the questionaire. I called the number and to my surprise Phil Laut
    answered, I was very suprised, we had a nice conservation and he sent the questionaire to me that day. I am very sorry to hear he had passed away.
    I hope his teachings continue.

  • Dear Andy,

    Dear Andy I am sad for you. I guess I want to think we are all ageless, and that because of our belief, we can overcome death, but I know it isn’t true. I am sorry for the loss of your close friend. I appreciate you letting everyone know.

    You take care of yourself,



  • Hello Andy,

    I’m saddened to hear of your and Phil’s family’s loss. We will be upholding all of you in prayer at this difficult time, and in the days to come.

    Thank you for taking the time to let me know.

    Joe Cotter

  • Andy, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and colleague. Cheryl

  • I was very sad to hear of Phil Laut’s passing. His wisdom and originality expressed in his book “Money is My Friend” was a great source of inspiration for me, and is worth another read. That’s part of his legacy. I send blessings to all who loved him and to all who benefited from his work.

  • Phil was a nice guy with a good heart and a sense of humor. He will be missed in this world. My condolences to you and to Phil’s family.

  • CGRNo Gravatar:

    Thanks for teaching us that we always have more than we give…

  • Greetings,thanks for the update with regards to the passing of Phil Laut.Readinghis books has truly help me over the past years to better understand,my relationship with money.Please accept my kindest and deep felt condolonces,to you and his family.May he rest in eternal peace in the bosoms of his ancestors.Blessings and continued success.

  • It’s sad to hear that Phil is gone. I bought his book ‘Money is my friend’ many years ago. And as I grow as a person as well in business I kept on reading his book over and over. Each year his words became more and more a lifestyle philosophy. Phil is one of the great authors that changed my life forever. His heritage will not be lost as I will teach my kids his indications to success.

    May god be with you Phil!

    Yours sincere,
    Stefan Siegers, The Netherlands

  • I was introduced to Phil from my first manager Arlene Neilson. I was just out of high school and didn’t have much knowledge with respect to money. My boss saw my personal struggle and suggested the book. Money is my Friend. Within a few years I transformed my thoughts and actions and was a leading sales person. Each time I read it I gained such great insight of myself and my future. For this past New Years (2010 and over 20years after my first introduction to his art) I took off to Puerto Rico by myself with Phil’s: Wealth Without a Job. I spent the time journaling, reading, discovering and sitting with all the valuable guidance it has to offer. Phil was instrumental in my personal, financial and relationship growth. I am so pleased to have taken the steps in understanding what it is he contributed to this world. He is a true giver. He will be missed but his stories will be read for ever.

  • I am very saddened to hear that Phil is no longer with us. He put out into the world truly helpful ideas and insights that I have never heard from anyone else. I am glad that he found success doing exactly the work that he loved to do. Helping other people, as he did, is a great purpose to pursue, and he leaves an example we can all do well to emulate.

    Very odd — I had an urge out of the blue in the last few days to pick up my copy of Wealth Without A Job and start re-reading it — as if Phil was speaking to me one last time?

  • After learning the psychology of wealth, in 1987, from Fred Lehrman, I studied with the author of “Money is my Friend” in 1988. My wife and I would read a chapter every day and study it together. In time, we went from renting a small apartment in Manhattan that looked out on another building, to owning a spacious 3-bedroom home in magical Woodstock, NY overlooking the mountains, and eventually also a 2-bedroom oceanfront condo overlooking the Atlantic.
    Within a year or so of reading Phil’s classic book, I became his friend and assisted him in a couple of his seminars in New York City.

    In 2001, I would coach with him as well. At the time, I owned my own very successful marketing/PR firm for 18 years and was doing coaching, teaching and writing very part-time. In 20 sessions with Phil, I transformed my work entirely, devoting full-time to coaching. I learned many valuable lessons both psychologically and professionally from him to enrich my burgeoning business. I’m now in my 9th year at it, and have been a keynote speaker, in the process. Phil was proud.

    A few years ago, I found myself in Charlotte, and we lunched together, talking about old times and new ones. We had many laughs; we truly loved each other’s senses of humor. When I said goodbye at lunch that day, I had no idea that it would be the last time I saw him.

    Ever since the time he had told me that, following his tour of duty with the Coast Guard, his family called him Skipper, I never called him Phil again. To me, he was always Skipper.

    Skipper…what a perfect name for Phil Laut. After all, he was like a baseball manager, a true skipper, bringing out the very best in the rookies and veterans who came to him.

    Skipper…may your voyage into the Light be a peaceful one.

    Love always,

    Cary Bayer

  • This is sad news… I want to thank Phil for his teachings that have made a huge impact on my development towards obtaining the life I really want and love. Phil was the success coach that caught my attention back in 2004 when I acquired his book Money is My Friend then meeting him at a seminar in New York City in 2006. At first I found his ideas unusual yet very interesting and that is what attracted me to Phil. He was a no bull kind of guy who just really wanted to make people aware that the power was within them and that you can overcome any mental block with simple yet affective tools.

    God Bless Phil and all of the people he’s helped. Phil you’re a great person. And thank you for introducing me to Andy who is a true inspiration as you.

    With deepest gratitude,


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The Secret Place: Unlocking the Supernatural Presence of Father God's by Dr. Andy Fuehl best selling author


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Best Seller Wealth Without a Job Hardcover book by Dr. Andy Fuehl and Phil Laut best selling author of Money is My Friend, published by John Wiley & Sons
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What Are The Experts Saying about Wealth Without a Job?

Dolf de Roos New York Times best selling author of Real Estate Riches "Standing out in a plethora of 'get rich' books, Wealth Without a Job goes beyond the predictable 'set goals, work hard, and pretend to be happy' approach; rather, it inspires, cajoles, and leads readers through known and tested paths to financial freedom. Andy Fuehl and Phil Laut don't just seek to change your wealth, however. Be prepared for a deeper understanding of both economics and how your mind thinks and works, so that you and your goals are driven towards each other. A compelling read."

-Dr. Dolf de Roos, author of the New York Times bestseller, Real Estate Riches

Bob Proctor of the Secret Shares his insights about Wealth Without a Job "I was fortunate enough to learn many years ago that working is the very worst way to earn money. Work is made for us, we are not made for work. Our work is meant to provide us with satisfaction. We should do what we love and love what we do."

--Bob Proctor, author of the bestselling book, You Were Born Rich and starred in the movie The Secret

Jeffrey Combs Shares his insights about Wealth Without a Job "Phil Laut and Andy Fuehl are money masters! The information and the application of their wisdom is what will allow you to attract the wealth you deserve."

--Jeffery Combs, author of More Heart than Talent
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